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Web hosting companies at cheap competitive prices, to suit individuals, businesses or small businesses. HostingNT servers are characterized by very high specifications and features, free domain access and 24/7 customer service.

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Silver Plan

  • 100 GB Web Space
  • 4 TB / mo Bandwidth
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1 IP Addresses
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Platinum Plan

  • 250 GB Web Space
  • 6 TB / mo Bandwidth
  • 6 GB Ram
  • 1 Dedicated IP
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All Our plans include

Root Access
99.9% Uptime
Full Suite
Of Tools
30 Day
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Technical Specifications

Zero Downtime Transfers

  • Better hosting without any stress for website transfers.
  • 30 FREE cPanel transfers (up to 5GB each).
  • The server will Monitors Databases usage and throttles abusers, preventing them from overloading the server, which improves overall stability and performance.
  • Gives the power to monitor limits such as CPU, IO, Memory, and others

Increased Reliability

  • Multiple layers of network security and several bandwidth providers are utilized to ensure maximize server reliability
  • DDos Protection
  • All VPS servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data center featuring redundant power and HVAC units
  • A RAID 10 disk configuration provides maximum data protection
  • Advanced Firewall : Uses herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect new threats. Capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, port scans, as well as many other types of attacks.
  • Advanced Captcha system is employed to reduce false positives and make sure that valid customers can reach your website.

Extra One-On-One Expert Support

  • 24/7 Tech Support comes standard.(Phone -Email -Chat) We go the extra mile with an additional 2 hours of 1-on-1 SysAdmin Time.
  • WP Rocket: is a caching and performance optimization plugin to improve the loading speed of WordPress websites.
  • Click Application Installation: installation scripts cover a wide range of web applications. Categories include ad management, blogging, content management, CRM, customer support, eCommerce, ERP, and more. Currently, 444 scripts are available.
  • PHP Selector: allows end users to select the specific version of PHP they need. It allows ultimate flexibility by offering all popular versions of PHP

FAQ – Your questions? We got answers!

What is the maximum capacity of sending emails per hour from my VPS server?

On a VPS server, there is no default setting within Cpanel on outbound email per hour. But to avoid getting your IP blacklisted by an errant or compromised script with your site we strongly recommend that you set it to 500 emails per hour.

What about my site transformation?

At HostingNT we offer unlimited free Cpanel to Cpanel transformation. We support up to 90 transformations based on the VPS package you select, for sites that require a manual transformation due to complexity or a different control panel.

Which of the two performs better, VPS or my shared account?

At the higher end VPS nodes should provide both flexibility and performance improvements, while the entry level VPS nodes are targeted towards customers looking for more flexibility and will likely not result in a performance improvement. It is depends on your site and the VPS option you select.

When should I use a virtual private server VPS server?

When you are looking for more control / flexibility around your web site a VPS server is an excellent choice. It makes your site run just the way you want whether it is the ability to scale resources to meet the needs of your growing business or the ability to install a custom application or custom configuration.